Cassidy's Story

Cassidy is our beautiful 16-year-old daughter who tragically lost her life to suicide on December 20, 2015. Cassidy was the happiest, funniest, and most free-spirited person you would ever meet. She enjoyed life to the fullest… she was fearless! She was goofy, a cheerleader, and would bring laughter to the room. She loved the outdoors and had a huge heart for all animals. Cassidy was a loyal friend and a loving daughter. She had incredible friends and a supportive family who loved her unconditionally. Cassidy had her whole world ahead of her… yet she fell victim to suicide.

Cassidy didn’t fit the typical mold you would expect from a victim of suicide. She wasn’t depressed, bullied, or unhappy. She loved her friends and life itself! She had no history of depression, and there were no warning signs before she chose to end her life that day. This devastation came as a horrific shock to our family. Cassidy did not reach out to anyone for help before making that choice… she remained silent.

After experiencing the unimaginable pain and devastation of losing Cassidy to suicide so unexpectedly, we felt a strong calling and responsibility to ensure that this did not happen to any other family in our community. Sadly, Cassidy’s suicide was just one of many teen suicides our community suffered last school year. We recognize the need to communicate and raise awareness about suicide among our youth. In Cassidy’s memory and honor, we have created the Cassidy Joined for Hope Foundation. This foundation is the seed for the student-led movement that has begun in our community with the purpose of preventing teen suicides and saving lives.

Cassidy's Tribute Video

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A Tribute to Her Beautiful Spirit